Upright Pentagram Symbol Necklace


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Upright Pentagram symbol (Pentacle) in the form of five-pointed star has been known since the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Pythagoras considered this figure to be geometrically and mystically perfect. Among ancient Greeks this sign became a symbol of health and five senses accompanied by the goddess Hygieia. Pentagram was on the seal of the wisest king Solomon who laid the Temple of Jerusalem and created Kabbalah. It is widespread in magic rituals and became the main symbol of Wicca representing Water, Fire, Earth, Air and the human spirit combined together in infinite love. People draw it to exorcise evil spirits. Upright Pentagram necklace protects from evil forces and bad energy. It’s used in travel, in business to attract good luck and to recover from diseases.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: D 30 mm / 1,18 in
Thickness: 1,5 mm / 0,06 in

Our pendants are made of rust-free stainless steel, that charmingly glitters in the sunlight and doesn’t fade with time. By purchasing our products, you’re guaranteed to get a life-long companion that won’t let you down in any situation.

We provide elegant and thin (3x2 mm) chains of stainless steel which are also durable and sturdy. Pendants and chains are sold individually, meaning that you don’t have to buy a chain if you already have one.

We also let our customers choose the chain length or opt for a keychain instead.
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We don't include any invoices to the parcels, so you can safely make orders for gifts.

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Alexandra T. review of Upright Pentagram Symbol Necklace
Alexandra T.

I'm in LOVE with this pendent. Extremely high quality, and stunning. Months later it still looks brand new!

Alexandra T.

I'm in LOVE with this pendent. Extremely high quality, and stunning. Months later it still looks brand new!

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