Necronomicon Symbol Necklace

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Necronomicon symbol (Sigil of Necronomicon) is a sigil on the Book of the Dead, that describes all magic rituals and secrets about the true origin of Earth and the universe. It’s believed that the book contains extensive knowledge about other worlds and helps to open our consciousness. In Greek, "Necro" means "Dead", and "Nomos" – customs or experience. For the longest time, the book was kept hidden from ordinary people so that nobody could read it. The gates between the worlds open in two directions, and spirits of destructive power can get into our world through them. The Necronomicon pendant helps to establish a connection with the Great Old Ones in order to secure their patronage, while also protecting the magician from their destructive power. The logo consists of three separate signs - ARRA, AGGA and BANDAR. Together they symbolize the ability to manipulate reality and importance of spiritual self-knowing. Separately, each sign means:
1. The essence of the human kind, ARRA;
2. The sigil of the Old Ones, AGGA;
3. The sigil of Fravashi, BANDAR.
Sigils are a perfect choice if you want to achieve clear, specific results. This makes them a great tool for such magical practices, like healing, changing habits, seeking inspiration, lucid dreaming, etc. In daily life, the Necronomicon necklace protects the wearer against the evil eye and dark forces.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: D 35 mm / 1,38 in
Thickness: 1,5 mm / 0,06 in

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